Our Quality

We believe that quality is the foremost important aspect and a parameter of success. Our Q.A and Q.C departments are the backbone of our company which makes us to withstand a long relationship with many Indian international companies in formulating their new drugs. Internal Audits will be done at regular intervals which includes people from all the departments including high level management.

Manufacturing Objectives

Following are the sophisticated manufacturing facilities the plant has acquired:

  • To manufacture the safest formulation in different dosage forms.
  • To keep updating our manufacturing facilities according to International Standards.
  • To satisfy our customer needs by timely deliver and with zero defect products.
  • To ensure cost effective operations in every stage of formulating a product and thus achieving quality and productivity.
  • To enhance productivity through improved working methods and by motivating the employees.
  • To provide good service to our customers.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Yeluri believes that the quality is the foremost important aspect and a parameter of theier success. Q.A and Q.C Departments are the backbone of the company which makes them to withstand a long relationship with many indian Multinational companies in formualting their new drugs. Internal AUdits in regular intervals with the invlovement of the people from all the departments assist in high level management

  • Monitoring good manufacturing practices at each and every stage of manufacturing and quality control departments.
  • selection and control of Raw Material and Packing Material.

Internal Audits

A Team of five will be auditing our manufacturing and quality control departments at a regular interval of to ensure good manufacturing practices and to maintain in house documentation. These internal audited reports will be maintained by our Quality Assurance department